How to point a Wix domain name to IPFS?

Hi everybody,

My name is Alexandra. Am new to the forum.
Please forgive me if I do mistakes here regarding the forum (maybe I have to introduce myself somewhere on the forum?).
I began my IPFS journey few days ago…and am glad to join the IPFS forum for help.

For few years I have a domain name and a website on Wix.
I renewed my domain name but today I can’t afford to renew my “premium plan” to link my “.com” to my Wix website.
Despite I put a lot of effort and time on it, I never had a lot of traffic (3 or 4 visitors/month).
So, I am ok to forget it and start something new and very simple….IPFS seems to be the alternative.
Unfortunately all my professional documentation and my business card refer to my domain…
As long as I can keep my domain name alive and running for my potential few visitors to land on, it is fine.

I thought about having a simple index.html with links to my documentation and social networks would be a good start.

So here is my request: how to point my Wix domain name to my IPFS (basically my index.html)?
On the internet it is a bit confusing, as I am not tech savvy that much…
Am a modest visual artist, not an IT person.
I read the related Wix articles but do not want to make a mistake and screw up my Wix Domain. Hahaha.
On my Wix Domain tab I can see the DNS, A name, CNAME, etc.
I simply would like to know what to change (or add) and how to proceed.
For now I added a “TXT record” following the lecture I got on IPFS. And maybe I am wrong(?).

At first I asked Wix how to redirect the domain to my Facebook or Instagram… Wix does not permit it.
They suggested to transfer my domain which I prefer to keep on Wix for now.
I then sent another request to explain how to point my domain to IPFS.
Waiting for an answer from Wix support, I dared to ask here some help.
I know my question might sounds easy for tech people, but hoping it is clear I will appreciate very much your input.
Thank you for your time and your help.


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Heya! I haven’t personally used Wix, but my understanding is they host / control everything, so you don’t get access to the website files themselves (I could be wrong though). If you can get access to all your website files (or make a new website), the easiest way I can think of would be to migrate to (who I believe will allow you to use your .com domain, and handle a lot of the hard work for you).

To do that you’ll likely need some information on how to get started, specifically you’ll want:

If this info doesn’t help enough to accomplish what you want, please don’t hesitate to let me know, it’d be my pleasure to see you get setup here.

Welcome to our community :slight_smile:.

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Another option is, a no-code website builder (similar to Wix) that stores your website on IPFS and Filecoin.


Many thanks Discordian and Mosh for your time and your input.
True! Despite the great (but pricey) services they offer, Wix host and keep control of everything.
I did not know that, until I wanted to get my hands on the hosting.
My mistake.
Oh well.
No money, but a lot of time on my side so…

So, I am glad to share with you my progress and what I did so far.
Since my first message I did researches which lead me to register to GitHub.
I learned how all that stuff works…thanks to the community.
Created a repository.
Added an index.html with minimalist useful information on it.
Published site on GitHub Pages.
Changed DNS records on Wix (changed IP address with A record / added CNAME records)
Enforced HTTPS
Verified Custom Domain with a TXT record
For now GitHub is under “DNS check in “progress”…

Should see the page alive after the 24h waiting period for propagation.
Crossing fingers, I will write a feedback of this crazy migration from Wix.

And will keep moving on IPFS after index.html is under my domain name.
Also will go forward to use as a CMS (much easier for my little brain than coding) to complete a simple website for my needs.

Anyway, thanks so much for your help guyzzz…I appreciate.

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