How to Properly Sync IPNS Pins


A friend of mine is hosting an archive of audio game installers, and I wanted to help him by keeping a copy of the archive to ensure multiple permanent copies. I had done a pin based on his IPNS key, which went fine. Now when I go to update it, I am a bit confused on the way to go. I would imagine that one uses ipfs pin update, but this doesn’t seem to handle deletions, or weird things happened when I did the update. The step I took was to run ipfs pin update /ipns/k51qzi5uqu5dg7ndb48x1v9hzp98vg6wncrbhps16a8yn3eh4nqis7v384jh20 $(ipfs name resolve --nocache /ipns/k51qzi5uqu5dg7ndb48x1v9hzp98vg6wncrbhps16a8yn3eh4nqis7v384jh20), which complained that it needs to be a recursive pin (I imagine I got this error since he had removed a broken item from the archive). Is this the correct procedure in the egeneral case, with having to do a manual unpin, garbage collect and repin should things go squirely or is there a better way?