How to reach /ipns/k51

I believe this is the final step for my P2P FTP Server.

  • I have the Qm123...... of FTP’s root folder
  • I run the command ipfs name publish /ipfs/Qm123.....
  • I get the k51........ of previous action
  • Now I use the IPFS Desktop in another computer to reach /ipns/k51....

It says (browse) “error 404” or (inspect) “Error: Non-base58 character”

What now?

PS: Qm... is accesible without problem.

Look again, I don’t think any ipns ID that IPFS would return can start with k51. The error says it does not know how to parse that.

What I understand wrong?

hmm oh I am wrong! I am happy to discover that ipfs now uses libp2p identity CIDs in base36 for this… I don’t know since when though…

Are you perhaps running an old version of IPFS Desktop? It would seem that Desktop is expecting a base58 string instead of the new format. If you are using the most recent version, that is a bug worth reporting.

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After an update, it works :open_mouth:
But only the “browse”.
The inspection says the same “Error: Non-base58 character”.

Ok, the crucial is the “browse”.

Thank you!