How to transfer html static site into IPFS ? broken links problem

I am trying to find a procedure using httrack to transfer wordpress static backup into IPFS.

It works almost well, but sadly some links (within /wp-content/uploads/) are not good

I wonder if anyone made “program” to correct absolute, and relative path ??

Cheers @all

Good question, for cases I’ve seen we use HUGO, and HUGO have an option to emit relative links instead of absolute ones, so we just use this.
Maybe httprack has this option ? Googling give me Converting Absolute Links to Relative Links - HTTrack Website Copier Forum.

I don’t know of a tool to rewrite existing content.

Thanks for your exploration.
As I understand -s0 -x httrack options should do the trick…
I need to work to finish another job for now… Telling you my results later

This website full copy to IPFS is really tricky…
I could make it, with a lot of regexp tries & manual corrections (Wordpress was not an easy candidate)

If anyone find the easy way to make it, this would be a great Internet Shifting Tool !