WordPress IPFS Integration

With about 25% of websites being powered by WordPress I thought it would be interesting to find way to integrate IPFS. A quick search revealed most of the obvious problems (PHP sites are driven by dynamic content / IPFS is about static objects…) and I couldn’t find any integration. So I built a plugin that can be used to bridge the link from WordPress to IPFS. :grin:

There’s some more information here., and a download to the plugin if you are interested in testing.

I would love to get some feed back about how it works for you all as well as future paths that this project could take to continue the development of bringing IPFS into a larger communities hands.


I think this is a great idea! Overall, it comes down general adoption. What do you think at scale adoption looks like both from a server and client perspective? You are basically replacing the capabilities of a CDN with IPFS (which I think is the right idea).

Thanks, I think that what I envision for the adoption of this is that it would start to run on all servers with links to run the sites on IPFS and that people could use the IPFS links for references in academic articles or to share with friends. The important part is that we start to automatically load the content to the IPFS network. As far as the client adoptions I think we need to develop more add-ons to make systems automatically boot with IPFS running, and redirect to the local gateway or at least a public gateway. Ultimately IPFS needs to be integrated into various OS’s but in order to get there, I think that IPFS needs to become a one-click install to run the daemon on boot and auto-redirect links in browsers, so the adoption can grow rapidly.

Because of your comment and others, I have decided that it would be best to move the project to open source so that it is accessible to more people no cost. I also have worked on a web base IFPS manager that runs entirely on the client side to examine your IPFS nodes.

If anyone is interested in contributing to these projects feel free to check out my git repos, https://github.com/jlubbers08/IPFS-Bridge, https://github.com/jlubbers08/IPFS-UX.

A running version of the IPFS UX is available at http://ipfs.jefflubbers.com

This is a great idea, actually had the same exact idea hah. I would like to contribute and help if I can. I think transitioning Wordpress or creating something completely new to transition from a PHP basis to a more static system would not be impossible obviously. With IPFS’s new developments relating to pubsub and other integrations, it may be even more useful that wordpress because it would be directly accessible.

Anyways I would love to contribute and am checking out the GitHub now.

I’d love to check it out, but it looks like https://www.jefflubbers.com/ isn’t functioning 100%, @jlubbers?

Fleek wrote a blog post on a flow that works:

It’s not a direct integration but it’s a flow that works for now until a direct integration is built.

I’d recommend to do a headless cms in the meantime. Here’s a blog for forestry cms + fleek :

@molly also made an amazing video using forestry cms + Hugo

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Hey , I am just trying to make this tricks on my wordpress website but can’t find WP2static plugin to continue building next steps. Can I get any good alternative suggestion/plugin to use in my wordpress ?

Have you tried the instructions here? https://wp2static.com/

Hey! Forestry + Fleek looks ideal for my case, as I’m planning to use a Hugo theme for the site I want to deploy onto IPFS, and, I don’t know how to code. Is it straightforward to deploy a forestry CMS site onto IPFS?