How to upload a file to the IPFS network

Hello I want to know how to upload a file to the ipfs network so I can download it from a different computer.

I want to know how to upload file to the ipfs network and how to use the webui while connected to peers. PLEASE HELP!!!

You can get started at this link:

Yeah I tried that but I can only upload words? Because I tried ipfs add file.file and when i remove the ipfs folder and reinstall it and try to get that file it says that there is not file like that.

It should be a file named minecraft servers.dmg under this QmPCawMTd7csXKf7QVr2B1QRDZxdPeWxtE4EpkDRYtJWty but when I try to get it its not there.

Do you get any errors? I could download that file without any problems… Are you trying to download from the gateways ( or from your local node (ipfs get QmPCawMTd7csXKf7QVr2B1QRDZxdPeWxtE4EpkDRYtJWty)? If locally. make sure you’re actually connected to other peers with ipfs swarm peers.

I tried both. I want a way to upload a file. Then go on a different computer setup ipfs and download the file. Is that possible.

Is this possible? Yes!

This is the way I got it working = all from the examples == getting started pages and

ipfs init ipfs daemon

make a text file as example with some text in it and name it hello

$ ipfs add hello
added QmT78zSuBmuS4z925WZfrqQ1qHaJ56DQaTfyMUF7F8ff5o hello

Now go to:[place your own hash from ipfs add hello here]

That is all you need for a single file object

Here a example how to upload directories with images:

$ mkdir picture_test
add some picture in it

$ ipfs add -r picture_test
added QmTdzspFCR1mKHbkkurdYiFwvNop6yLSDBabQdbk9M8Vgz picture_test/Schermafdruk van 2018-06-10 11-12-06.png
added QmUxMueU1oGWStGm2Ur6yzZimg6EmYTFPuGezwFp2oReTM picture_test/Schermafdruk van 2018-06-10 18-14-58.png
added QmTbHiB4z5p9N2Ra1Xxt5pZMMnCrn85iY6eUAqS8B9apYZ picture_test

go to:

again with your own hash[your hash from add -r picture_test]