Inter ipfs cluster communication

Is there a way for inter ipfs cluster communication ?

Can you provide more details on what you want to do?

  1. I want to create 2 clusters with 4 nodes each.[say cluster 1 and cluster 2]
  2. Create a file and add it to cluster 1.
  3. This file should be propagated to all the nodes of cluster 2.
    I know this could be achieved by keeping all nodes under one cluster with same secret key , but i want to check if there is a way to achieve inter cluster communication.

You can create a composite cluster. This is not a use-case we actively support/show, but for simple cases it should work.

The idea is that the cluster daemon offers an IPFS-proxy API. Thus, instead of having a cluster peer talk to an IPFS-daemon, you could actually point it to talk to an IPFS-cluster peer, that belongs to a different cluster.

When cluster1 pins something in that cluster peer, it will trigger a pin request. This request will be received by a cluster-peer in cluster2 (via the ipfs-proxy api), which will in turn trigger a pin request in that cluster.

Some links with documentation that might be helpful but has not been maintained:

Thanks a lot hector . I will go through the docs and try to implement it. :slight_smile:

Hi Hector ,

I followed steps as explained by you to setup a composite cluster.

cluster 1 peer ------> cluster 3 peer .

I am getting below error :
|cluster3 | 2020-10-30T18:30:20.383Z|ERROR|ipfsproxy|error making request for header extraction to ipfs: dial tcp connect: connection refused|
|cluster3 | 2020-10-30T18:30:20.385Z|INFO|ipfsproxylog| - - [30/Oct/2020:18:30:20 +0000] “POST /api/v0/pin/ls?arg=QmdZgGrpCWUkiL6EWesfEtsTWtWwE3Rf3Dm4Uka4KgVNPo&type=recursive HTTP/1.1” 200 80|

Could you please point it out , what i am missing here ?

Seems cluster3 cannot talk to a local IPFS daemon on ?