Introducing IPFS2.ETH (ENS Resolver As Public IPFS Gateway)

Namaste :pray: from NameSys.eth

IPFS2.ETH (“IPFS-To-ETH”) is a proof-of-concept ENS based public IPFS gateway backed by ENS gateways like @eth-limo. ipfs2.eth is an ENS resolver wrapped in base16/32/36 decoder to decode wildcard <cid-v1>.ipfs2.eth as ENS contenthash.

:test_tube: Goerli : 0x4774c87ec49589464b6a0e7b24097ac03a9779a9
:dna: Mainnet : 0xb4BA47783Ff613ec55c9ECdaF38fCF29D7632048
Github :


  • https://<prefix+subdomain>
  • https://<prefix+subdomainA>.<subdomainB>...<subdomainN>
  • base16 : https://f<base16A>.<base16B>
  • base32 : https://b<base32>
  • base32 : https://b<base32A>.<base32B>
  • base36 : https://k<base36>
  • ENS : https://f<cont>.<enth>.<ash>

Supported Type/Codec

Type Format Prefix CH f16 b32 k36
IPFS dag-pb/raw 0xe30101<70/55>… :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
IPNS libp2p-key 0xe5010172… :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
IPLD dag-cbor 0xe2010171… :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Swarm swarm-ns 0xe40101f… :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :yellow_circle: :yellow_circle:
Onion - 0xbc03… :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :x: :x:
Onion3 - 0xbd03… :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :x: :x:
Skylink - 0x90b2c6… :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :x: :x:
Arweave - 0x90b2ca… :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :x: :x:

Example :

~ Made with :heart: from the Himalayas… :vulcan_salute:


Wow this looks so cool :star_struck: thanks so much for building this and sharing!

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Hello, is there a tutorial for the people, a how to? …please