Hosting dynamic content like IPFSwapper.eth and ensmananger.matoken.eth?

How do websites such as ipfswapper.eth and ensmanager.matoken.eth appear to be able to host dynamic content in IPFS?

Am I misinterpreting this? Would someone please explain to me how this works? Anyone who would point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

@Groxen the information youโ€™re looking for may be here or

IIUC the idea is that DNSLink maps DNS addresses to arbitrary paths (including /ipfs/QmMyDataHash). EthDNS supports resolving DNS records like myethname.eth (or in regular web browsers), where myethname is an ENS name Iโ€™ve purchased with Ether. What I can now do is add DNSLink support into my EthDNS record so the pipeline looks like:

With IPFS Companion ( installed or a browser like Brave/Opera:

  1. Browse to myethname.eth with IPFS Companion installed
  2. IPFS Companion reads the DNSLink and sees a reference to /ipfs/QmMyDataHash
  3. IPFS Companion loads the IPFS content using your local IPFS node

Without IPFS Companion:

  1. Browse to myethname.eth
  2. EthDNS points at the IPFS gateway (centralized infrastructure for resolving IPFS content over HTTP)
  3. The IPFS gateway resolves /ipfs/QmMyDataHash for you
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