Introducing Lassie - a retrieval client for IPFS and Filecoin | IPFS Blog & News

We’re excited to share that you can now use a simple retrieval client, named Lassie (opens new window), to get your data from IPFS and Filecoin. Lassie makes it easy to fetch your data from both the IPFS and Filecoin Network - it will find and fetch content over the best retrieval protocols available.

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Looks interesting! Will play around with it!

One question: Is this a relevant improvement over running an IPFS daemon when dealing with non-Filecoin content? (i.e. only IPFS directly)

For downloading content only? I would imagine it’s better if you’re only interested in fetching content, because that’s what it’s optimized for. i.e. It’s probably only better than running a Kubo daemon if you’re only running your daemon to download content.