IPFS as backend storage for Nextcloud and Owncloud

As touched on in this post for PHP applications, it would be excellent to use IPFS as external storage for Nextcloud: see this issue discussing it on their Github.

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Integration with IPFS storage has been mentioned at various points on the Nextcloud Discourse forum. Nextcloud is a fully open source file sharing solution for millions of users that allows admins and users to integrate their own external storage via options such as WebDAV, Samba, NFS, SSH, FTP, Sia, S3, etc. while accessing everything from a friendly interface resembling Dropbox and Google Drive, plus open source clients are available for all desktop computers and mobile devices.


Such an integration would be released as a Nextcloud application, which is how community extensions are packaged and installed through the Nextcloud App Store - think of installing an extension in your web browser.

I am working on something similar. Is there any existing work going on the IPFS-NextCloud integration?

If no, then we can start it off :wink:


It would be great to allow IPFS Cloud users to connect with Nextcloud IPFS users.

As mentioned on Github, a request for IPFS integration as a Mini project was filed a few days ago on the IPFS Github.