Ipfs-cluster: How to disable pinning on trusted peers

I am running ipfs-cluster and would like to disable pinning on my network’s trusted peers. In other words, pin content on follower peers only.

Is this supported?

I do see the pin_only_on_trusted_peers setting in the ipfs-cluster config. However, what I want is the inverse: pin_only_on_untrusted_peers.

I’ve also come across similar questions (example) where the advice given is to manually place pins through a combination of the --allocations and --replication-factor flags. In my case the network is so large, this approach is impractical.

Any suggestions?


A quick workaround is to set MaxStorage in the Kubo configuration in the trusted peers to 0. That will put them last in the priority list when deciding allocations.

Thanks for the suggestion @hector!

What are your thoughts on making this an explicit IPFS cluster config setting?

Thanks, commenting there!