Behaviour trusted peers in a crdt cluster

Hi all,

one general question to the behaviour of the trsuted peers in a crdt cluster setup.
Lets say i have 2 trusted peers with only 1GB space for the ipfs.
I also have followers with unlimted space.

If i now add CIDs to the cluster via the trusted peers what would happen if we go above the 1GB ?
Does the trusted peers stop pinning locally but maintain the pinlist ?
Or does the trusted peers never pin anything just maintain the cluster for the followers ?
Or does the cluster stops working ?


Cluster and IPFS do nothing if you go above the limits, because they are not really limits. You will just get errors if you really ran out of disk space when trying to pin something which implies writing new data.

okay thx - but the cluster will still try to replicate the files even my trusted peers run out of space ?

Yes it will try to do it.