Ipfs-cluster with relay

Is it possible in ipfs-cluster to connect to peers using relays?

I mean in ipfs I can define a peer by an address using rela like /ip4/RELAY.IP/…/p2p/RELAY.PEER.ID/…/ipfs/NODE.ID

Can I do the same in ipfs-cluster to connect to nodes in a cluster?

Also can I bootstrap to another node using node ipfs multiaddr? e.g. /ip4/RELAY.IP/…/p2p/RELAY.PEER.ID/…/ipfs/NODE.IPFS.ID/(for example)NODE.clusteripfs.ID

In theory yes: there is an enable_relay_hop option in the configuration to let peers act as relays (Configuration - Pinset orchestration for IPFS).

Non-relay cluster peers are configured to take advantage of relays when they exist.

I have personally never used this or tried it, but it should be the equivalent to how relays work on IPFS (same libp2p feature).

I have enabled it but I am still not able to use addresses like ipfs multiasddr with relay. It gives an error about privnet. Although I don’t have private network set up. I believe cluster creates a private network and it cannot be used with public relays ? I can successfuly use the same address with swarm connect

Yeah, cluster peers cannot use public IPFS relays. Cluster peers have a private network .

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