IPFS Containers on Cloudron


For security and greater anonymity, ipfs-desktop is best run in a container, for example a Virtual Machine.

Though ipfs-desktop is very easy to deploy (thanks developers!), for ordinary people, deploying ipfs-desktop in a container would often be overwhelmingly difficult. A lot more people would start using ipfs if it were easy to deploy in a container. (It could be used to archive webpages and other useful content, for example.) Like with fax machines, the more of them there are around, the more useful they become.

Cloudron is a one-click way of deploying web-facing applications. There is a live demo at the website, so you can see how easy it is. There is also discussion underway about supporting a containerized ipfs on cloudron, and it would be great if some developers could say hello and find out what is needed:

A (ideally, https://reproducible-builds.org compatible) Docker image for ipfs-desktop could help things get going.

App Packaging:

Excellent Explainer Video: