IPFS Debug tools

I am running IPFS across my servers and currently having issues with local go-ipfs (running on Pi) + go-ipfs as Brave browser extension as follows:

  • in Brave having temporary (network crash 30sec-5min) network connectivity problems.
  • in Raspberry PI after a period of time completely crash the whole LAN and not recovers until the router is restarted.

I cannot debug the exact cause of the issues mentioned and look for recommendations in tools/services or documentation (I am familiar with default IPFS docs) in regards. Also, I know how to perform a workaround, but my target is to know advanced debug options/methods and debug specific issues.


This maybe? Writeup of router kill issue · Issue #3320 · ipfs/go-ipfs · GitHub

Hi SionoiS,

Great thread! Seems that solved my issue and even spun extra nodes and works fine.

 ipfs config --json Swarm.ConnMgr '{"HighWater": 100, "LowWater": 32, "Type": "basic", "GracePeriod": "15s"}'

Will tune my config after reading fully.

Thanks for response.