IPFS desktop claims IPFS is offline - but it still works

So I just updated my ipfs desktop (windows 11) to 0.37.0 and it still works fine but when I start it, it claims that it can’t bind ipfs to the port because its already in use.

If I do a netstat, it is in use when ipfs desktop is running, and when I close ipfs desktop it is not in use. When I start IPFS desktop again, it says the port is in use.

The box stays greyed out on my system tray with no ability to see status, files, or the likes. Only really the option to try restarting… which again results in the error that it can’t bind to the port.

However, I can still use IPFS through the IPFS desktop. It still works. Files still pin, they are still accessible. Status still shows correct with ever changing Incoming and Outgoing usage. Everything seems to be fine except that the system tray claims for the desktop that IPFS is not running when clearly it is… and is being used by the app.

Strange issue for sure. I don’t have github access to I can’t really submit the issue and its not a huge issue to me, but thought maybe someone would have some ideas on this, or maybe want to submit the issue on the github.