IPFS Docker - Azure SMB error

There is an open ticket ipfs add on azure filestore results in interrupted system call · Issue #7720 · ipfs/go-ipfs · GitHub on this similar issue which I commented on, but was thinking about it and was hoping there was a different kind of file store I could use.

ERROR	engine	blockstore.GetSize(QmcXW7gydQwur59SEt6jY4Dxo5qqCVM1RKmwofpvQnowh8) error: stat /data/ipfs/blocks/BZ/AFYBEIGSZNFA6E5LBBYGIVIO2P3EYCNB7OET6RZ5TOGPQPJHBL7RRTFBZ4.data: interrupted system call

So it seems the “os.stat” has a problem with AZURE SMB (Storage service) with Docker. At least as far as I can piece together.

So my question is, What is the Default DataStorage , I can not clearly figure that out and I see there are other possible Data Stores. Has anyone tried them in Azure? I was thinking that the ipfs-ds-sql would be an excellent option as I could just use the AZURE Data Storage “TABLE” feature instead. But there is very little documentation on how to implement it.

If anyone has a better solution, I am all ears and if solved I will go back an update the GIT issue with a work around.