IPFS file no longer works

I used the IPFS Android app and uploaded a file to the IPFS. The file was recently playing. It’s an MP4 video. And now it’s not. Very strange. I even was able to pull it up at:


But now it no longer comes up. What could be the problem? Thanks all!

Did you pin the content? If you did not pin the content, it is only accessible via cache by nodes that have recently viewed that data. Standard cache garbage collection is every 4 hours I believe, so unless pinned content will only be available for a small window.

Sounds like you uploaded a video, and didn’t pin it which caused it to be GC’d and removed from the network. The good news though is that if you re-upload the video, you will still be able to access it through the sam eurl.


very nice! thanks. I did not pin it. that would be it lol

try using Siderus Orion or IPFS Manager. They both pin files by default