IPFS governance: launching a provisional Steering Committee

Maybe instead of a Steering Committee there could be a “Documentation and Developer Experience” committee for the work already done.

I’m not sure how a Steering Committee focusing on “non-technical mission and values” helps.

There just doesn’t seem to be that much traffic here on the forums to need a steering committee.

I’ve noticed an “engagement cliff” as developers move from the fancy standards sites, videos, and training sites to actually using the software. I’ve seen that lurking in the forums. Maybe the focus should be more technical - you might get more engagement through technical leadership vs non-technical leadership.

From the outside looking in, a steering committee seems more academic than functional. There appears to be a technical debt that’s unaddressed in the project and a steering committee seems to be adding an organizational debt on top of that. From the outside looking in, it feels more like an impersonal control/permission structure.

Maybe organizing twice monthly code workshops would be more effective?

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