IPFS inside Docker instructions not working

I’m new to IPFS and I’m following now the docker setup instructions from here: Run IPFS inside Docker | IPFS Docs

All is good locally but I’m not able to access the files using IPFS gateway.

# this works
curls "${hash}"

# this always returns 504 Gateway Time-out
curl "https://ipfs.io/ipfs/${hash}"

I get 504 even after more then 2 hours of waiting.
How do I fix this, please?

Your node is probably not reachable. Test it with this:

:x: Could not connect to multiaddr: no addresses
:x: Could not find any multiaddrs in the dht
:x: Could not find the multihash in the dht
:x: There was an error downloading the CID from the peer: could not connect to peer

Is there any specific tutorial that explains how to fix this for

  • home ubuntu 20.04 workstation, and
  • google cloud linux VM instance. (I have opened from console HTTP and https) and followed the tutorial from here. Server infrastructure | IPFS Docs

What value do I have to use for Backend URL? https://ipfs-check-backend.ipfs.io ?

The most likely reason is that you are behind a NAT router and you need to set up port forwarding. Read this:

Following these instructions on a local machine on my home router does not work.
I followed the same instructions on a server and it worked
Thank you for pointing to check if I’m behind a NAT router