IPFS Mainnet at ETHDenver

Here’s the email follow up I sent to everyone that attended:

We’re one week after the IPFS Mainnet event at ETHDenver. Thanks so much for those that joined us!

As promised, the slides are up on the IPFS Forum. Please do join and feel free to ask questions / make comments there.

Adin & Bethany from IP Shipyard have support options available now on their new Gitwallet page. As well, they’re going to be hosting a virtual follow up for IPFS operators and anyone else working on IPFS Mainnet, coming up March 13th: Register directly on Zoom

Mosh, who presented about the forming IPFS Foundation, has another thread on the forum with foundation updates you can follow.

Boris wrote a blog post about Everywhere Computer and IPFS Mainnet if you’d like to learn more about content addressable compute.

If you have any other feedback or comments about the event, feel free to hit reply on this email, or add your thoughts to the IPFS Forum.

The IPFS Community Calendar is a great place to subscribe to for upcoming events, both virtual and in person.

We’ve got some extended notes from IP Shipyard:

Support Shipyard

The core maintainers of many mission-critical IPFS and libp2p implementations now work in a newly created entity called Interplanetary Shipyard. As technical stewards and maintainers of these important protocols, the Shipyard team is committed to open source innovation and building bridges between traditional web frameworks and the decentralized ecosystem. As we shared last week, these projects are dependent upon community contributors as both partners and sponsors.

If your project relies on IPFS, consider supporting Shipyard through one of their commercial tiers at Interplanetary Shipyard

NEW: IPFS Operators Meetup

March 13 at 10:30am ET

We invite you to join the Interplanetary Shipyard engineering team and broader IPFS community for our first-ever IPFS Operators working group. In order to boost ecosystem collaboration, increase protocol resiliency, and ensure healthy stewardship and governance, we’ll be convening regular working groups of IPFS operators and builders. Join us to share how you’re using IPFS today, what you’d like to see in the future, meet other builders, and kick around some future funding ideas to maintain this important work for the long term.


I submitted the Zoom link to the IPFS community calendar. @bethanymarz you may want to have a page here in the forum for that event, both to promote it and for follow up notes and so on.

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