How was everyone's ETHDenver trip?

If you were able to attend ETHDenver, I’d love to hear what your takeaways from it were! Did you attend IPFS Mainnet? What were you favorite parts? Anything the IPFS community should be paying attention to?

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I just got back this morning from Denver!

Shout to @boris for organizing a great IPFS Mainnet event. I shared the latest Updates on advancing IPFS project governance and got to chat with lots of people building on IPLD and IPFS. The venue (a converted coffee shop) and the hosting both lent themselves to good conversations.

I went to some few public goods funding events hosted by Drips, Funding the Commons, and Edge City. It reminded me that we should write up Year 1 learnings from the Implementations Fund (in progress), and that we should look into setting up Drips for IPFS (Get yourself setup on Drips Network - #2 by boris).

It was exciting to see more companies (like Banyan) making enterprise-grade, IPFS-compatible storage options available to users.

It was also great to bump into other IPFS contributors, especially people like @bengo and @bumblefudge that I don’t see often.

I wanted to make it to the AI-related events, but couldn’t make the travel schedules work. Did anyone go, and have insights to share?


I would say that the EIP-4844 sneaking by unnoticed into the next Eth mainnet hardfork might turn out to be a thing?

highlight of Denver was, hands down, running into mosh briefly and bengo kicking me under the table when i badmouthed balaji at a 3-day mini network-state


libp2p day was fun adjacent to FIL Dev Summit. libp2p Day @ ETHDenver 2024 · libp2p/rust-libp2p · Discussion #5156 · GitHub
@dhuseby did a great job MCing.

I especially enjoyed the demo and discussion around GitHub - fluencelabs/aquavm: AquaVM interprets AIR – a π-calculus-derived set of instructions that the Aqua language compiles to

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