IPFS Pinning using MEGA.nz?

I don’t think using https://MEGA.nz to pin files on IPFS is a good idea, as MEGA is a proprietary service, but it might be convenient (too convenient!) to store some files there. Has anybody developed some tools to make this possible?

IPFS protocol is not compatible with HTTP right away (you can’t just broadcast in the DHT : https://example.com/myfile hold the File Qmfoo as this would allows DDOS, using node of others for attacks, …).

How ever you can do it using urlstore but CIDs will be differents so files will be different from IPFS point of view (and this is an experimental feature) .

But I don’t think there is a lot of value in this for most peoples, as this isn’t compatible with the dedupping technique, the graph syncing logic, the reproviding logic, …