Ipfs resolve don't gives latest CID! IPNS issue?

I have published this cid QmbfDmpnBjVfgw8TedF2zDFhpBunyat86UoFfJYBj2FZBC on IPNS k51qzi5uqu5dhght6oyh7c83cqfbssco7xx7yti0me15eoky0eyppd2go9scgw

But when i resolv or browse this link https://ipfs.io/ipns/k51qzi5uqu5dhght6oyh7c83cqfbssco7xx7yti0me15eoky0eyppd2go9scgw

It still on old cid, it should be on latest CID which is
QmbfDmpnBjVfgw8TedF2zDFhpBunyat86UoFfJYBj2FZBC or link is https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmbfDmpnBjVfgw8TedF2zDFhpBunyat86UoFfJYBj2FZBC

Well, issue has now solved. I updated some content and republished newly cid and now it’s fine.