Is it possible to force refresh a gateway to fetch a file from IPFS?

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble reaching a particular file (part of a lager batch - 1998) using the following gateway (which seems to be provided by Pinata):
getting the following error message: “The request timed out searching for a file on the non-pinata IPFS network. - ERR_ID:00016”

I have no problem reaching it from other gateways like web3storage, nftstorage, and even a different pinata gateway where this file load fine.

My question is: can I do something to force refresh the above gateway (media.elrond) to check again for this file on IPFS ? or any other solutions

as a general note there were several other files in this condition but those eventually loaded upon re-trying at different time, just this one seems to be always unavailable.