Is it possible to use ipfs:// directly in an HTML file?

For example, here I have an image on IPFS:


If I use it as img src in an HTML file:

<img src="ipfs://bafybeicxdw3tao7epuhmszjdhea7i53avirgw6fnp2k6gelmfhlg7ky3g4/" />

Try opening that file in Brave (the latest version with IPFS support), it would give me an net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT error.

In Chrome (with IPFS Companion and local node), error would be net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME.

Is it possible to reference ipfs:// directly in HTML like that?

AFAIK that’s currently not possible in Brave in a document that’s loaded via http.

Is it because of any security or privacy ramifications?

If I use [ipfs://] as img src in an HTML file

TLDR If you use Brave v1.19 the ipfs:// scheme can be used for subresources only if the root document was also loaded from ipfs:// (or ipns://)

This behavior was implemented on purpose.
Mixed-protocol behavior on the web is an uncharted territory and we want to do it right, without introducing unnecessary unknowns on the regular web.

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Note that modern browsers are HTTP-centric and the only cross-protocol behavior that is well understood is http:// vs https:/, with the only difference being TLS wrapper. HTTP-HTTPS cross-protocol requests follow well understood rules and nearly all concerns are guided by the secure context state of each side.

ipfs:// is something new, with different characteristics. It is marked as “secure context” in web browser, you have access to Web APIs as on https:// page, but it is not HTTPS. Thanks to content-addressing user gets integrity verification (which is not present in https://), but then browser asks multiple peers for content (instead a single server).

Together with Brave we decided to not expose ipfs:// on http* documents, and take time to audit, research, and understand potential value and all ramifications first.