Is mDNS discovery not working?

The following should send a mDNS query on the local network for go-ipfs instances to enable local peer discovery.

dns-sd  -Q 'ipfs.local' 'PTR' 'IN'

However, this doesn’t get any responses back from any of the go-ipfs instances I have running. Not even the local machine responds. I’ve checked and double-checked that the machines have opened their firewalls to mDNS traffic. All the systems run either avahi (Linux) or bonjour (macOS); and other mDNS applications work just fine.

I think you’re right. I found this open issue for mDNS not working.

I also can’t get see any of the nodes on my LAN using mdns-scan.

So it is actually working, the documentation was just wrong.

dns-sd  -Q '_ipfs-discovery._udp.local' 'PTR' 'IN'