Is the kubo command line thread safe?

I am coding an application and it can potentially have many items in a que to be added to IPFS. I would like to create threads to add them, as some files could be large. The main reason to use threads for this is to insure a good UX for the app.

I currently don’t use use a python3 IPFS module to interface with IPFS, I use the command line interface. I have found over the last few years those libraries lag too far behind the currently available release of kubo.

I’m open to other suggestions on that, but whatever method I use (direct API on pot 5001 or cmd line wrapper for it) can I do multiple simultaineous “ipfs add ” commands?

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I don’t see why not. What’s happening in the background is you have a Kubo node running, when you run ipfs add ... it’s connecting to that Kubo node, and sending it the data you requested over the RPC. It’ll handle multiple of these requests without issue, though I’m unsure on what happens specifically but I see two options:

  1. It’ll spawn a couple goroutines and process both sets of data at the same time
  2. It’ll queue / batch the adds

Either way your use-case sounds fine. Don’t be afraid to experiment :slight_smile:.

Thank you for that info, but unfortunately the command line interface doesn’t appear to be multithreaded.

returncode=1, stdout=‘’, stderr='Error: lock /home/owner/.ipfs/repo.lock: someone else has the lock

The files are already pinned, so adding them again goes as fast as possible. I can add them successfully on the command line manually, but when I try to add them in a multithreaded way with 2 threads, each thread adding 2 files sequencially I get the “lock” error, consistently.

I was truly hoping to avoid that effort by hearing from someone that knew for certain, but it was no big deal to use the API with curl.

The good news is that bypassing the IPFS command line (using the API with curl writing to port 5001 directly) appears to work without a problem. I still need to test more files of various sizes, and files that aren’t already added.