Is there a data-store that supports tape drives?

Hello everyone,

I’m curious to know if anyone has experience using IPFS with tape drives. Specifically, I’m wondering if there is an IPFS data-store thats optimized to support tape drives.

As some of you may know, tape drives have been used for decades as a reliable and cost-effective storage solution for large amounts of data. They are still widely used in industries such as media and entertainment, healthcare, and government.

Given the increasing popularity of IPFS as a decentralized, peer-to-peer protocol for storing and sharing data, I’m interested in exploring the possibility of using tape drives as a storage medium for IPFS.

So, does anyone know of an IPFS data-store that supports tape drives? If so, could you share your experience with it and any tips for getting started?

Thank you in advance for your input!

I think your best bet is to export .car files they are streamable both ways however, sadly .car files are not self bounding so you will need to wrap them in a .tar file too.