What data types are support by IPFS?


sorry for this straightforward question, but what data types are support by ipfs?

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You can put any data in IPFS — or maybe I should say I’m not aware of any data that can’t be put into IPFS. There is some special support for certain kinds of data that can be taken advantage of when adding content to IPFS, but otherwise data type shouldn’t matter.

Thank you, do you know what kind of data has “special support”?

Now that I’m looking through the list, I think there might only be one: tar files with ipfs tar add. I don’t know of any others specific to a single data type, but I know there’s the --trickle option for ipfs add which is supposed to result in a DAG that’s more efficient for video streaming; but there might be other uses for the trickle-DAG format that aren’t specific to video.