Is there a kad-DHT reputation system?


The question is in the title : is there any (implemented) heuristic to priorize registered DHT node in routing table buckets ?

I have seen that :

But, I have seen nothing about :

  • Bonus/Malus according to peer’s activity (add/get/pin action)
  • Bonus/Malus according to rarity of provided blocks
  • Bonus/Malus according to its own bucket content

Are they implementable or should it breaks any IPFS/DHT intrinsic logic ?

That doesn’t exists.

About implementation:

Idk, add/get/pin sounds bad since it would be easy to cheat.
Rarity of provided blocks is hard to compute.

Both of them are IPFS centric, the DHT is part of libp2p and is used more than just IPFS, the current DHT code is generic and doesn’t even know about IPFS.

I don’t see how would that work, how do you judge someone’s else buckets ?

Also you would need to show it’s actually improving things, complexifying the code but with no result is not really a thing we want.

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