Is there a way to access WebUI over the same network?

I’m running an IPFS standard node on a raspberry pi just to play around and understand the system better. The pi is running headlessly so I was wondering if there is any way for me to access the webui over the network?

I don’t need it exposed to internet/public just accessible on the same network.

I’ve tried <pi ip address>:5001/webui but that says connection refused.

I’ve seen a few article on exposing the webui to the public domain but nothing on accessing it via the same network.


This is because by default the ipfs API binds only to the localhost.

You can change this using the Addresses.API key (just change this to /ip4/ for example, but just so you know, this gives write access to your node to everyone on the network, and likely RCE capabilities too (as someone could use the fuse mounts to clobber executables)).