How can I enable remote connection to webui?

ipfs running remote server
edit config section Addresses API
“API”: “/ip6/xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:bbde:xxxx:xxxx/tcp/5001” ///my ipv6 ip remote server
port 5001 - closed firewall, only one ip can access

ipfs log level commands/http debug
console log :eyeglasses:
DEBUG commands/h: incoming API request: /api/v0/config/show?stream-channels=true handler.go:120
WARNI commands/h: API blocked request to /api/v0/config/show?stream-channels=true. (possible CSRF) handler.go:155

How can i get access to web-interface on the remote server?

According to the following issues it sounds like the webui has “localhost” hard-coded in some places that might make connecting from a remote machine difficult.

However, one way around it that I’ve used before is to ssh into the remote machine and forward ports 5001 and 8080. I haven’t tested it extensively, but this worked for my purposes.

ssh redirect yep… =) now I use this сrutch

Probably CORS. see ipfs daemon --help
But I do not understand how to start a daemon with the corrected CORS

This guy works on the webui but I get cry 403 forbidden


“API”: {
“HTTPHeaders”: {
“Access-Control-Allow-Origin”: [


“Gateway”: {
"HTTPHeaders": null,
“RootRedirect”: “”,
“Writable”: false,
“PathPrefixes”: null

success. Earned web interface (webui)

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Managed to do this by running the following commands:

ipfs config Addresses.API /ip4/
ipfs config Addresses.Gateway /ip4/

Information found with ipfs deamon --help