Is there any public writable gateway?

I’m looking for a public gateway for uploading small files from an application, but all public gateways return Method POST not allowed: read only access

Is there any public writable gateway I can use?


to upload a document or other on ipfs use ipfs add


Can’t speak for the other gateways, but the gateways running over at are not yet writable but we’re planning to make them writable in the future. See this issue for tracking the work:

So, seems that (which is using) is writable, maybe you could try using that one.

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INFURA’s IPFS is writable too.

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I have enabled public write access to my ipfs gateways as an experiment, I basically am hoping they dont get abused, but the moment I feel like its getting abused, I will probably shut them down.
But these are my public writable gateways:

They all point to the same host for now, until I feel like there needs to be more capacity, then I will split them off into their separate hosts.
You can see availability status here:

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In case you need some info, see here:

Doing a PUT https://host/ipfs/QmxxxxDAGxxHERExxx/filename.ext will retain the filename.