Is this project similar to Pied Piper from the Silicon Valley TV Show?

On the TV Show Silicon Valley they are trying to build a decentralized network by using regular IoT devices instead of servers. Is this the same concept?

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Why not? :slight_smile:
Honestly The project from Silicon Valley is enough generic to let you think they might also be talking about IPFS, Ethereum Swarm or any other p2p storage project (blockchain or not blockchain based). I guess that they took inspiration from IPFS/Filecoin et similia.


Lol. So true!
I wish we could inspire more of the TV shows to change the way internet is setup.
And, make them hosted on IPFS. :rocket:



When I heard the idea of the architecture of Pied Piper I thought it was a beautiful science fiction fantasy.

Know that it was inspired by the IPFS, as a fan of the Silicon Valley and lover of the IPFS, I’ve got a double source of pleasure.

As long as it doesn’t end up like it =)

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Anyone knows witch exactly episode/episodes was about that network idea ??
Just want to see that :smiley:

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