Issue when running IPFS malicious sites

HI I just downloaded IPFS and started it. Within a few minutes the machine I installed it on began pinging addresses in China. My firewall and virus program detected the sites as malware/malicious so I shut ipfs down. Is this normal behavior for IPFS to ping IPs in china? Thx

This is totaly normal, IPFS will contact nodes across the globe to establish a DHT (Distributed Hash Table).

IPFS being used a lot in china (compared to other countries), you can expect lots of connection to china.
If you don’t unblock them, your node will have a very hard time finding content, because even if the node that host the content you want is not in china, the node that remember that the content is search is hosted on that node might be in china.

Oh … I thought other than hackers no one could reach through that firewall to the free world.

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:smiley: it’s actually pretty wide open, they lock it down more when there are movement that the current governement doesn’t like at the time.
But must of the time, if nothing special happen in china, it’s pretty much wide open (except than being slow).
But most of the time IPFS works a charm in china.

For example, I play myself to chinease multiplayer games and it works fine (you just have about 150ms~250ms of ping), https works fine most of the time too.