What is going on in China?

i just browsed the list of nodes that my node is connected to, and there was a very large number of nodes that seem to be located in China! As we all know, China poses some restrictions on the internet, so I would like to hear interesting comments on that “phenomenon”


IPFS avoids censorship so it seems normal that in China it is a big craze for this technology.

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That is obvious. It would be interesting, what data is being exchanged and if this could be a way to get in touch with people living behind a “curtain” …

sure, that’s seems good idea to study usage of ipfs maybe if you see that : https://github.com/ipfs-search/ipfs-search you can adapt that to get statistic who (ipfs node) contains what (pdf, mp3 etc)

Don’t really think it’s an anti-state-censorship thing. My experience is that the Chinese are simply crazy about new technologies & developments, and they have a vibrant startup culture there. And IPFS is one of the surefire spearheads. Another reason could be that cryptomining is pretty big in China, not primarily to make money, but to have a means to get money out of China without the state noticing. (There’s also a great “financial firewall”, for lack of a better word.) Since IPFS is one of the fundaments of the upcoming Filecoin, you would expect there to be quite a lot of nodes in China leading up to the public release.


@JayBrown your thinking seems a good approach yes i participate also filecoin project and yes we have lot of node in china.


Do you know any specific projects going on in China related to IPFS/Filecoin?

There were three nice guys from China at one of the earlier Berlin IPFS meetups, and they presented a small-form-factor IPFS server box as the hardware they were developing with their startup. I forgot the name of the company, but I’m pretty sure they were also targeting Filecoin as a future use case.

Dake data? http://dakecloud.com/en/miner.html

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Yes! Dake Data it was. :slight_smile:

I don’t get their business model. They’re selling Filecoin miners since 2017 but Filecoin just got a testnet! It’s also a fancy hard drive, but still…

Hello, does anyone know if 5G technology will help the implementation of IPFS in the future ?

They must be using another token/point, probably preparing for filecoin

There is a blockchain gaming platform which reproduces some of its games and runs them in a truly distributed on-chain manner by using IPFS and smart contract.
That means whether the project continues or not, the games will keep running. As long as there is still one single gamer left and willing to be the node.

Could you link it? Even if it i Chinese only, it woulc be interesting to have a look at it.

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