¿It's possible to upload a php script and host it on IPFS? FTP Access

Hi my issue is if this is possible. I wanna create a platform on IPFS using a Laravel PHP script. Im not so sure if this gonna work, but im trying to upload the complete folder and then install it with a normal MySQL database. The other question i had if it’s possible to have FTP access to upload files to IPFS.

I hoppe you answer my issues
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Laravel PHP is an MVC that requires a live server and data backend.

You need a static site generator, such as Gatsby (there are many others):


There are ways to make Single Page Applications (in JS) that are static sites but act like MVC or similar sites.

One example is https://tiddlywiki.com/
Probably the most popular is AngularJS

Others written in Smalltalk that compile or interpret into JS:

You can see on https://staticsitegenerators.net/ that there are several PHP-based Static Site Generators.

some that are still actively updated:

The most popular by far is

  • I’d say that is your best bet.