[Join Now] IPFS Community Impact Awards

Hello IPFS Community!

The IPFS Implementations Fund is empowering the community to vote on the upcoming IPFS Community Impact Awards!

The fund’s second Impact Evaluator round is giving engaged community members an opportunity to identify the most valuable contributions to the ecosystem from the past six months! This process will guide the allocation of the round’s prize pool, and you can learn more about it here:
IPFS Impact Evaluator | Round 2

To participate, join by voting and/or submitting a project → instructions below:point_down:
1. Signup to Vote [ link]: Engaged community members should submit a response to check voting eligibility for the upcoming round if they have:

  1. Attended IPFS þing 2022
  2. Contributed to the Kubo, Helia, Nebu, or Iroh repos prior to 2022.03.22
  3. Are building a project within the IPFS Fund Scope (see below)

2. Submit a Project [ link]: If you are building a project within the IPFS Fund Scope, please submit a project for review:

  1. Go to ipfs.impactevaluator.io
  2. Use code: IPFSbuilder2
  3. Submit a project for review

If you have any questions or issues, message impact-evaluator@protocol.ai with any questions!

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