Js-ipfs Pub/Sub many console errors but working

I’m not sure if I’m having trouble with IPFS, ipfs-pubsub-room, or some lower level like libp2p,

I’m implementing a trivial demo following these instructions: https://github.com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-pubsub-room#use

The pub-sub works, but the console is flooding with these errors repeatedly

bitswap:QmXkagoz:error ReceiveError: underlying socket has been closed +0ms
libp2p:floodsub:error Error: underlying socket has been closed
mss:listener	:error (ce0l3) true +0ms
mss:listener	:error (ce0l3) Error: Channel destroyed
"ipfs": "^0.28.1",
"ipfs-pubsub-room": "^1.2.0"
 Google Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Is this an error or can I squelch this warning?


do you post an issue on https://github.com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-pubsub-room ? maybe developper team can be help you.