Kubo reprovide config questions

Context: Say I want to set up kubo node for hosting IPLD DAGs with many small blocks.

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Thanks @Jorropo for the detailed thoughts about DHT, which is also one of the issues I’m most worried by when running kubo. I ran into “Falling behing reprovides” at a few thousand CIDs, and for our use case (IPLD DAG with many small blocks) this is easy to reach.
One option seems to be to set Reprovide strategy to e.g. “Roots” as most of the time clients would be asking for root CIDs, but I’m not sure what this means (will I still be able to retrieve child CIDs? In which cases (not)?).
Otherwise the AcceleratedDHTClient must be used which means “more” some resource & bandwith usage - but if I go by this example then it would be a few hundred megabytes of bandwith per 24h for 10k CIDs, which seems fine. Not sure about CPU&Memory - would need to test that because I can’t find info online.

I’m happy for guideance but also plan to share my further research here.