Little confusion on follower service.json (collaborative cluster)

Trying to figure out if I should add trusted peer IDs to the service.json or leave it as [“*”].

The base cluster consists of two nodes both have each other added as trusted.

The thing I have a hard time getting my head around for the follower node service.json is people could just change it as they want, so what does it matter if trusted nodes are defined or it is a wildcard?

I will have the service,json publicly available on a webserver.


you should add trusted peers to service.json if the cluster has non-trusted peers.

Sure, people/followers can change service.json any way they want, and they are responsible for what their peer does. But everyone else that keeps the right set of trusted_peers in service.json ensures that they will ignore any updates to the pinset that are not coming from that set. If a follower uses [‘*’], potentially its pinset will take updates from anyone that sends updates.