Setting peername for follower

In the documentation for the follower is the following stated:


ipfs-cluster-follow normally uses configurations distributed through the local IPFS gateway as templates.

In this case, the service.json file for each configured cluster contains a single source key pointing to a URL, which is read when starting the peer.

This file can be replaced by a custom service.json file. Alternatively, every configuration value can be overriden with environment variables as explained in the [configuration reference]( The IPFS_GATEWAY environmental variable can be used to set the gateway location if it’s not the default ( ).

My question :
I have now a source file which works fine.
I just want to set the peername for the follower ; seems as deaulft it takes the PC name.
How can I set the peername beside the given service.json via ipfs/Qm… ?

Thanks for help

By setting the environment variable or using a custom configuration as explained in the link you posted yourself.

Hi Hector, thanks for your fast asnwer.

I think I had a wrong understanding from the documentation.
I understood that I can load the service.json from the ipfs network for the follower and then still overwrite some attributes like peername - seems this will not work or ?

Changing in general the name of the PC for the ipfs-cluster-follow application sounds a bit to much.
I think I can´t change the name only for ipfs-clsuter in this case , or ?


When you run your follower, if you want it to have a special name, set the CLUSTER_PEERNAME environment variable before you run ipfs-cluster-follow, as documented.

Hi Hector,
okay got it working … amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help