Meteor 1.8.2 + ipfs-http-client v45.0 - Issue!


I am looking for help, I have a web app in React + Meteor v1.8.2. I am using the library ipfs-htpp-client v 45.0, when I try to use it with requiere(‘ipfs-http-client’), then I load the page and an error ocurr “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘match’ of undefined”.
If I use the same library ipfs-http-client in a project with only React not using Meteor, works perfectly. My problem is that I must use both Meteor an this library in order to upload browsers files from client through IPFS.
Has anyone have a clue? Because I have spent so many hours trying to figured out what could be but I didn’t find any solution yet.
I appreciate any help.


There’s a similar error around out of date package-lock.json files with npm -

Is Meteor doing something “clever” behind the scenes?

Hi Alex!
Thanks for your reply, the link you have sent me it is the same link that I came across days ago when I was looking for a solution. Unfortunately I had no success, I did exactly what they suggest on it but it didn’t work.
Sincerely I am new with Meteor, but others libraries work fine like ipfs-mini. The problem with the library ipfs-mini is that it doesn-t work with browser files. So it is useless for my needs.
I am a bit lost about this issue , maybe it could be an incompatibility versions among of libraries with IPFS and meteor.