MFS and SFS - differences

What is the main difference between MFS and SFS ?

I noticed that both contains features that are almost equal or at least similar…

I’m aware of MFS (Mutable File System) but I’m not familiar with SFS, or at least the acronym. What are you referring to as SFS?

I mean, Self Sertified FileSystems (SFS).
I discovered this acronym when I read something like “IPFS uses the most suceded P2P techniques from the previous P2P systems”.

MFS is something they made up for you to create object with mutable content and a constant file name. So you can change the object hence mutable file system, you can copy some stuffs to MFS or import it (add reference) without copying say your 20GB movie on your hard drive, I can now watch the movie if you shared the CID with me which will change whenever you change the content it’s not the file name that’s only available to the local MFS, meanwhile if I am fetching your object I would use ipfs get or ipfs cat or other things, but I can’t use ipfs files read, that’s only available for you which reads content in the file using the file name it’s tracking locally, it’s just a fake file system that basically use a local repository for storing your file and some table to store your filename - content - CID.

I don’t know about SFS but feel free to ellaborate

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