Minecraft archive on IPFS

I saw these tweets today:

Here’s links to said archive:

“IPFS Download” links are directly to the gateway. We should consider a small js lib on top of js-ipfs to make this use case super easy. I described this use case + what i’d expect it to do over here: ipfs-download.js - a tool to make “IPFS Download” links try their best.


On Google Chrome I use the IPFS Station plugin.

It notices when my local daemon is running and redirections those ipfs.io links to the local daemon. However, your javascript solution would allow the server hosting ipfs links to include the same logic.

That’s actually damn amazing! And the links are not dead, either.

It’s a nice, even if small, milestone for IPFS. Another archiver.


You would need an appex in macOS to do the job. A simple workflow via Services only works with actual URL strings.

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