Moderating user generated content


I’ve been looking into ipfs for the past few days when I find the opportunity to do so and it has given me many ideas. A concern I do have which I have seen mentioned, but not fully addressed, is content moderation. As an example, if a developer was to create a simple image board that allowed for users to post an image and some text, how could this be moderated? Once the post is posted and distributed across many nodes what can be done in the event that it contains illegal material?

I love the idea of ipfs very much but this concern is what will likely prevent me from developing anything with user generated content. Something which I believe plays a massive part in the world wide webs success

The “board” in your “simple image board” example implies some form of non-image content that displays multiple images in a forum or gallery arrangement, optimally with some form of search, such as via HTML-CSS-JS pages. The “moderation” capability in any presentation medium like this is not impacted at all by IPFS – it’s merely a file distribution and storage backend that can be linked to, from this other hyperlinked content-display medium. This would be like expecting “content moderation” features built into NTFS just because you want to build a web content platform on Azure. This moderation is properly handled by the board content flagging and social tools, not in the file system backend (IPFS) directly.

You can utilize multihash blacklist tools on both your IPFS nodes and content-display moderation code, but you can’t “moderate” anyone else’s IPFS node storage in this manner.