New here. Can anyone access my file?

Hello, I installed the app and uploaded and pinned a file. Can anyone access it? Don’t know anyone IRL at the moment using IPFS to ask. It’s just a pdf of a paper, not of any significance. Just would like to know if things are working. Not sure if I can paste the ID here or if I need to send by message? Anyone willing to try?

Thank you.

@JGB A couple tools you can look at to see if people can get your data are:

  •<yourCID> - An HTTP gateway that will try and pull the data from the p2p network (if you just added some novel content then the only place to pull it from will be your machine) and render it.
  • - A tool to help you check if your data is generally discoverable and available on the public network

Sure you can paste it here.

Thank you, both. I used tool @adin posted and I got an error that seems pretty common, from a search here. Working on fixing that.

I think it works now. It was port forwarding.

This should work:

Can you let me know? Thanks.

What? I didn’t understand.