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Over the last several years, the number of contributors, companies, and working groups advancing IPFS through specs, developer tooling, and implementations has grown significantly.

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To be clear, the existing IPFS Community Google calendar that was used in the past is deprecated. We won’t be syncing events from Luma to that Google calendar. (There isn’t a way to do this automatically unfortunately and we don’t want to rely on manual effort.).

The minor downsides are:

  1. Can’t withing Google Calendar see all the IPFS community events
  2. Can’t easily add the “IPFS Community Calendar” to an existing invite. You have to go through the Luma interface to create an event.

That said, we believe the positives outweigh the negatives here.

Related PR: Update link to community calendar by 2color · Pull Request #1396 · ipfs/ipfs-docs · GitHub

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